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Snoring devices report

Top 3 reasons your snoring mouthpiece will not work for you

In a nutshell, here are the 3 reasons –

1). ComfortIf the snoring mouthpiece is not comfortable to wear. (26 %)
2). If the reason of your snoring is not jaw misalignment (18 %)
3). If your snoring is more than just snoring, like a severe case of sleep apnea medical condition.

Our rigorous research on snoring products again and again have reinforced the belief in above statements. We see it again and again, all the time. And our survey results proved it now. (We’ll be publishing complete results of the survey including the questionnaire soon.)

For more comprehensive information on snoring mouthpieces, their working mechanism and the brands that are genuine and recommended (after lots of thorough research), Kindly refer to this article by Guy Bradford.

For reviews on Snore Guard, and Pure Sleep, please continue reading.

Why Snore Guard might not work for you?

This is an anti-snoring Mandibular Advancement Device (lower jaw forwarding mouthpiece) that had been around for 25 years now. The Snore Guard works by forwarding your jaw bone slightly, your airway gap at the back of your throat increases or becomes unrestricted allowing air to pass through your upper airway resulting in the elimination of your snoring, that is, only if you do so due to your jaw alignment.

If your snoring is due to any other underlying snoring problem then you should not be even considering any type of Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD).

First thing, first – You need to find the type of snoring solution that will address the problem that is causing you to snore, otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

The product hadn’t been updated since its first inception 25 years ago but unfortunately, we don’t know much more, considering there are no specific details of the materials that the mouthpiece is made from on their website. However, since the designs haven’t been updated all that much, we can assume that the actual material does not seem to be made from the super comfy BPA free materials that other newer competitor mouthpieces are using. So, not as comfortable and probably would require a longer time to adjust to the mouth.

The website does indicate some level of discomfort for the user when they first start to use it for a few days…or weeks! Keeping in mind that there are other mouthpieces available of similar if not more advanced designs that are more comfortable to boot, there really is no reason at all why you have to suffer.

The Snore Guards website has some pretty compelling Clinical Trial headlines splashed about, with the super bold figures of a 99% success rate for stopping your snoring. That is immediately a concern, and is almost impossible when you factor in such things as some people buy it but their snoring issue is not due to a mispositioned jaw, some people just never end up wearing it, some people just don’t like the color and the reasons go on.

Clinical Findings of the actual supporting trials suggest that the Clinical Trial conducted in 1995 did indeed see a result of 99%. Fantastic. However combined Clinical Trials note that the results dropped way below the 99% so, I wouldn’t be excited.

What about Pure Sleep – Pure Sleep Pros and Cons?


  • FDA cleared. Having obtained FDA clearance signifies that it is safe for use.
  • Allows custom fitting. The unit requires boiling to make it pliable for molding to your teeth.
  • Adjustable settings. It comes with three settings for more comfortable fit.
  • Accessible. You can obtain it online or from partner dentists and physicians in USA and Canada.


  • The more elaborate information on the material used is vague. The official site does say it is FDA cleared, but fails to mention which types of materials are in use. It simply cited hard plastic on the exterior and soft plastic on the interiors.
  • Limited settings. Although it comes with three settings, you cannot adjust it anymore once the device has been molded to your teeth. There is no room for mistakes during preparation.
  • Eventually loses shape. It has been reported that the device loses shape quite fast and that reheating the mouthpiece does not fix it.

Does It Really Work?

As with any product, the PureSleep too had received its share of mixed reviews. However, it is also very evident that the negative comments outweigh the positive. While the mouthpiece is designed according to sound principle which is proven to work, many users have reported that it is uncomfortable to wear and that it does not last long.

Had they worked to improve the quality this product would definitely have our hundred percent recommendation. Considering the real user reviews which are slanted toward negative, it is best to take other brands into account.

Matthew Adkins, product reviewer, MedReviews